Architects usually start as designers of residential homes. They usually work for customers who want to go beyond the standard. So the architects develop a keen eye for innovation and creativity based on technical knowledge available in the usually very specific environments...

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Because of the architects position within the building world he is the person who needs to be up to date with the latest technology and trends. Therefore you can always rely on your architects opinion and feedback. Because he is only contracted with the building client his advise is always independent...

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Every year a building is getting more complex to realise. Today we need all kind of engineers, planners and other professionals who need to be consulted for there expertise. So besides contractors, architects need to manage much more supervisors so managing it all is becoming far more important...

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Consulting and contracting an architect is important because of he's independent role within the whole building proces. Where other contractors have other interests, such as winning time and profit, the architect always searches for the highest quality to get the best result for his client...

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Sometimes there can rise conflicts after misunderstandings because the perspective of diferent kind of contracted people are difficult to reconcile. An architect is perfect person to join these people, create a vision to show insights wherethrough solutions for alle parties can be found...

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It is impossible to realise big ideas without having tattered every letter that you have received from the governments. Keep in mined that there are a lot of legal regulations where you have never heared of. Therefore you need to consult architects that are well informed about the local regulations...

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