Architectennet Client EXCLUSIVEDESIGNS

Exclusive designs

If you love the creativity of a specific architect and really give him a 'carte blanche', you will certainly end up with an exclusive design wich will blow your mind and of those who have the luck to get invited by you to visit your design villa...

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Architectennet Client INTERIORDESIGNS

Interior designs

After having designed the exterior, you can consult interior designers to finish your home with all the luxury you want. They will listen to your wishes and draw all the details to have them executed by contractors with an extraordinary craftsmanship...

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Architectennet Client URBANDESIGNS

Urban designs

There is no beautifull building without a beautifull surrounding. So don't forget to listen to the environment and answer it properly so your building will get accepted by it. It will be the details that make your project a succes...

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Architectennet Client PLOTDEVELOPMENT

Plot development

Do you have a plot and don't know what to do with it? Do not worry, there are a thousand and one options for it! Our experience with buildings will certainly offer a solution for it. Just gather all the information en send it to us!...


Architectennet Client RENOVATIONPLANS

Renovation plans

Whether youare planningto remodel, expand or renovate, foreach of these disciplines, you need a networkofprofessionalcontacts. With an extensive network of reliablecontacts, you are ready to solve most of the building issues...

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Architectennet Client ADVICEEXPERTISE

Advise & Expertise

Of course therewhile buildingveryprojectspecific detailsonthe bidrequiring a certainexpertiseto offerexplanations and solutions.Youcanrely onexpertswho havegesprecialiseerdinall kinds offields...S

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