Architectennet Contractor 3DBIM

3D & BIM

Today you're able to imagine things before there executed. And not only in your dreams. No, there are many ways to vision your ideas and gather your information in different kind of models...

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Architectennet Contractor STUDIES


After having modelled your project it is very important to check it's resitants against the locally influences. Therefor we apply differtent kind of studies like stability, energy, etc....

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Architectennet Contractor CONSTRUCTIONS


There are many ways to construct a building but at this moment there is no one who fits for each project. So we have to evaluatie the building needs, it's cost etc to find out wich construction method is best to apply, and also wich execution method...


Architectennet Contractor PLANNING


Of course one o fthe most important factors throughout building is time management. You will need to plan ahead on what is comming and have to see in the future to prepare financially...

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Architectennet Contractor COORDINATION


With the upcomming parties whitin the building process it's becoming so important to check each contract folowing on each other en furfilling each. Therfor you wil need to be 100 % aware of your building details etc...

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Architectennet Contractor SAFETY


During the building process there are may phases wich implifies dangerous executions methos and so on. With consulting different kind of experts it is possible to work within a safe environment so we can happily tell after all...

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